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Hi this is Sharon and I work for this company.  Before you go about your day, please allow me to remind you how precious a gift healthcare is.  Believe me, I know.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had no other choice but to take control of my life.  Through private healthcare protection, Iíve been able to choose the doctors I prefer.  In my case, I picked the best around and can actually afford them.  Iíve had two surgeries since my diagnosis and Iíve saved a lot of money.  My latest exam would have cost me more than a hundred dollars.  The bill was re-priced to only forty dollars.  That I can live with.  I will beat this.  And Iím glad I can afford doctors I trust to help me win the battle.  Good day and be well. 


Sharon R.

Los Angeles, CA


These are testimonials, the exact discounts these people received cannot be guaranteed. These testimonials are meant to give an example of what a member of the program was discounted. Öthe actual discounts and prices may vary by provider, state or actual products or services received with the average discounts for all services ranging from 10-60%.


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About Us


The healthcare industry today is in a state of turmoil. Many people feel that they cannot get the care they need at a price they can afford. Physicians are often unhappy with the restrictions on the care they can give and the time it takes to get paid for their services.


The ever-increasing cost of health insurance often results in benefit cuts on the part of companies who provide benefits for their employees. Many individuals find that they are no longer able to purchase full health care protection, and then go without the care they need because they can't afford it.


Preferred Solution answers these concerns with a program that allows individuals to receive quality care at an affordable price, under a system that allows the healthcare provider to get immediate payment-- --without the paperwork and restrictions. Best of all, there are no exclusions on current or past health conditions, no waiting periods (except for hospitalization which may require a 30 day waiting period in some states.) and no third party limiting the care you can receive or the specialists you are allowed to see.


Medical Care Discounts * No Current or Past Health Condition Exclusions * No Waiting Periods * No Limitations * Only hospitalizations may require a 30-day waiting period in some states.