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“My husband lost his job and I work 2 jobs that don’t offer any healthcare benefits.  Since I joined the PS Family program I am able to go to the Dr. and I take Thyroid medicine so I have to have blood tests and take prescription medicine.  If I didn’t have this program I wouldn’t be able to go to the Dr. to get this taken care of.  I am also going to recommend this program to my oldest son because he is diabetic and having a hard time getting healthcare himself.”


Mary H.

Rochelle, IL



These are testimonials, the exact discounts these people received cannot be guaranteed. These testimonials are meant to give an example of what a member of the program was discounted. …the actual discounts and prices may vary by provider, state or actual products or services received with the average discounts for all services ranging from 10-60%.

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Q: What is Preferred Solution?
A: Preferred Solution is a company that provides alternative health care solutions for

    individuals and businesses of America, offering non-insurance answers, with  

    discounts for physicians, hospitals, dentists, prescription drugs, vision care, hearing

    and chiropractic services.

Q: Is Preferred Solution an insurance program?
A: No, this is not an insurance program.  As a plan member, you will receive a discount

    from those healthcare providers who have contracted with the program

Q: Why would Preferred Solution benefit my company?
A: Employee retention is key to the success of business. The down time and cost factor

    of trying to retrain and recruit good employees can have a catastrophic effect on a

    company's bottom line. Preferred Solution allows you to offer your employees a

    realistic solution that would erase the worry of family healthcare needs and solidify loyalty.

Q: How do I know if the Preferred Solution Program is available in my area?
A: Preferred Solution is available throughout the United States except in AK, CT, FL, IL,

     IN, KS, MD, MO, MT, NC, ND, NV, OK, SC, SD, UT, VT, WV. To see which types of providers

     are available in your area, click here or call our registration specialist at 1-800-573-3446.