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Need glasses or contacts? Why pay full price? With the Preferred Solution Vision network of providers, the discounts can be beneficial! With nationally known providers, as well as smaller retail establishments, you will receive discounted prices on services from regional and national vision care centers, optometrists and opticians.

More than 14,000 providers nationwide.
Regional and national chain stores.
Independent optometrists and opticians.

With a prestigious network of national vision centers, such as Sears Optical, JC Penney Optical, most Pearle Vision Centers, National Vision Centers in most Wal-Mart stores, in addition to many regional and local vision centers, you will find one to serve you.


Discounts on Vision Products

Prescription eyeglasses: Up to 60% discount.
Eye Exams: Many network providers offer one free eye exam per membership per year..
Treatment from Ophthalmologists: 20% to 60% off, including 15% to 25% off LASIK.


Call to Register 1-800-573-3446